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Products, Services & Operation


Design & Build: dedicated team for design & manufacturing of electronic products, particularly for defense & aerospace.

Built to Print: laboratory facilities and capabilities to print pre-conceived solutions for our clients.

  • Embraer KC-390: lightning Trap Device (LTD)
    Lightning Trap Device (LTD): protection against lightning effects


EMC Project Management: qualified manpower to execute and supervise electromagnetic compatibility tests, perform virtual simulations and elaborate test plans & reports.

Engineering Consultancy: specialized on electromagnetic environmental effects (E3), our team solves interference issues on components (e.g, electronic boxes) and whole systems (e.g, cars).

  • Embraer E2 – responsible for the entire certification package regarding direct effects of lightning (DEL), including interface with the aeronautical authority and company suppliers; e
  • Embraer KC-390 – responsible for certification packages and interface with civil and militar regulations.

Laboratory Operation: expertise on lab operation and standards compliance.

Support to Product Certification & Validation: companies that manufacture final products to clients (OEMs) can delegate to LACE their product certification activities. Under this model, LACE becomes the company’s “EMC team”, being responsible for:

  • Interface with suppliers and authorities;
  • Test witnessing;
  • Edition and review of test plan and test report; e
  • Computer simulation;


LACE carries on specific trainings focused on theory and practice for clients from several industry segments.
Our courses encompass an extensive, thorough variety of contents regarding the everyday impact of EMC & EMI phenomena. Among the main topics are the qualification and certification of systems and components amidst risks derived from electromagnetic environmental effects, such as lightnings, HIRF and electrostatic discharges.

Clients: Embraer, Avibrás, Honeywell, Helibras, Bosch.

Markets and segments

Brazil has a diverse and sophisticated industry regarding electronic systems and components, notably in the automotive, aeronautical and defense sectors.

These are key markets for us since they comprise an elevate degree of tech innovation and, hence, derive several EMC demands – and challenges. It is not a coincidence that LACE is considered a strategic company for the Brazilian Armed Forces.

While new technologies are being developed, electronic devices become more and more relevant and present on people’s lives. LACE is attentive to this electrifying future and is carefully preparing itself to assume a leading role in a growing number of segments, from telecom to domestic appliances, from electro medical equipment to IoT.

Research and Development

The strive for innovation is in our DNA since the very beginning. LACE currently has multiple projects in partnership with FAPESP and high-end universities to develop innovative technologies, all of them with the goal of creating patents.

Having that in mind, LACE has already presented valuable research papers in two international events:
  • EMC Europe 2017 conference, the major European conference on EMC in Angers, France.
  • IEEE’s GEMCCON2017: international EMC congress organized by IEEE in São Paulo, Brazil.


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