LACE ENGENHARIA on Compliance 

       Throughout the years, LACE Engenharia has been emphasizing significantly the importance of its relationship with our business partners, which would not be able to be developed without open communication and collaboration. We believe that these relationships are more effective when our business partners clearly comprehend the Values, Principles and Politics that guide the professionals of LACE in the business management.


​       ​The LACE Engenharia CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS AND CONDUCT ensures the company’s commitment to the best accounting, corporate governance and transparency practices. Based on the company’s values and on the principles of the Global Pact, the document, available in Portuguese and English, is distributed to all our employees and consultants.

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Ethics channel

​       The ethics channel given by LACE has as its main goal allowing our members, suppliers, clients and other collaborators to contribute, in a safe and responsible way, with information in order to sustain a safe, ethical, transparent and productive corporative environment.

       The information registered in here is absolutely confidential. All the reports are analyzed, guided by the confidentiality and independence, guaranteeing the anonymity of such reports and safety in the verification. Just in case you wish to identify yourself, please, inform your personal contact data attached to your message.


       To guarantee the correct investigation of the code of conduct violation, the more details are given about the case, the easier your report will be judged. Whenever possible, please inform:

  • What is the violation situation?
  • What would be the cause, motive or stimulus for that situation to occur?
  • How did it happen? How it happens or will happen such code of conduct violation?
  • Who are the people and/or companies involved or witnesses?
  • When did code of conduct violation?
  • Where did it happen? Where it happens, or will happen such code of conduct violation?
  • Which are the values involved in the code of conduct violation and how many times did it happen?
  • If there are any proofs, where can we find them?

       We advise that even if you to send your collaboration through other channels such as (e-mail, telephone, personal contact, etc) you should register what happened here too, this way you will be guaranteeing the report register, allowing therefore the justice to be made.